Quality Control

When selecting granite or marble, the long-term durability is a poignant factor. Depending on the area of use, it may also be subjected to harsh conditions and several of these stones are often used in one particular place. It is at this point that it becomes imperative the product used is of the highest quality.

Total Quality Control is our system, which has been developed to implement continuing improvement. Our ISO 9002 certification is an indication of our firm commitment to delivering reliable products, putting quality into place. Rigorous quality testing is carried out at every stage of production to ensure uniformity of quality across each and every piece of granite. This is particularly necessary, as no two pieces can be made identical. When you use our products, you are assured of life-long quality, with a touch of class.

Its standard quality control, stable resource procurement as well as highly efficient distribution net reduce the cost, whiles competition in the market enhanced. It's not only variety materials provided, but also trendy, novel sense of stone at costless budget customers will enjoy with CornerStone.

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